• Easy to Use

Set up an account, add your trailers to your store inventory and start receiving leads and rental inquiries. You can use our payment services, or invoice your clients directly. 

  • Rental Bookings Management 

    Customers can use your rental calendar to make bookings. You set minimum price, duration and buffer needs. Block out the days the trailer is not available. 

  • Get your trailers discovered locally

Your road-side signs, and classified ads are not reaching everyone. List your trailers with us, and we will drive the leads to you! 


  • Need Support? We are here to help with your customers and technical issues

Don't hesitate to reach out to @partrunnr and we will assign our technical or sales team to assist you. 

Simple to set up your Trailer Rental Rates and Payment Terms

  • You set the daily or hourly rental price and minimum rental duration
  •  You select the form of payment including COD. 
  • Transactions that occur through Partrunnr Trailer's payment system will incur a commission fee and a payment transaction fee. 

Learn More About Pricing - contact @Partrunnr
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